What People are Saying About Our Dogs…

“Harriet, we bought a pup from you because it was obvious how much you love your dogs and the breed;  but we keep sending people your way because of the attention you gave us after the sale.”

Martha Glass

“Shadewood Farm and Harriet Pittman are GREAT!  We got our Border Collie pup at Shadewood Farm and are so pleased.  Our pup is healthy, intelligent and very pretty!!!  The best thing about Harriet is she gave us a sense of security; we knew she was there to help us with any problem we might have.  She is both knowledgeable about her dogs and warm and easy to talk to.  We highly recommend Shadewood and Harriet.”

Mary Farrell

“I am attaching some photos of her so you can see how well Aurora is growing. You’ll see us in the future for sure though. We always brag about your dogs and the amazing amount of love you guys put into them. Thanks again.”

Chris Martin

“Gracie is 6 months now and we are soooo happy!  She’s the best!  She is the self appointed greeter of all humans and dogs in our neighborhood. She’s beautiful too! She is so sweet but so energetic!  She’s the funniest dog I’ve ever met too!  Super super smart!  She LOVES soccer!  Thanks for letting us have her!!!”

Lynn Litschewski

“I just had to write and brag about Marlin. Three weeks ago we went to a USDAA agility trial in North Carolina and she got her AD title and her 2nd Steeplechase Q. Two weeks ago we went to a flyball tournament in South Carolina and she got her Flyball Master title. Last weekend we went to an AKC agility trial and she got her OAJ title. She is just a wonderful little dog, I can’t say enough great things about her. She does whatever we ask of her and gives 110%. Thanks again for a wonderful little dog.”

Laura Tholan

“We have never purchased a pup from someone who was so well organized and knowledgeable about their breed. Harriet, I am glad you insisted on a puppy class. It has made such a difference with Jude. He is really a part of our family.”

Julie Ross

“We just celebrated Ringo’s fourth birthday and wanted to thank you for taking so much time with us picking a puppy and getting us started on the right foot. You certainly know what you are doing!”

Besty Dansk

“It had been a long time since I had had a puppy so I needed a little hand-holding. I had a lot of questions. Harriet was there to help me through. Some people will sell you a pup then leave you high and dry, but not Harriet. Thanks.”

Bobbie Owen

“When I decide to add another Anatolian to our farm and family, I won’t consider anyone else. Thanks for bringing Cherry into our life.”

Bill Monroe