Getting Ready

Prepare for the arrival of your new family member:

  1. Contact me for pick up date and time- emailing is best.
  2. Decide on your travel route and where you will stop to give you r pup and break if you
    are traveling more than 2 hours. Rest Stops, Gas Stations, Fast Food Restaurants and Dog
    Parks are a no-go. They are heavily visited by other dogs. You want to protect your pup
    by taking a bathroom break in a low dog traffic area, like an office park that has trees and
  3. Create a puppy proofed area where your puppy be when you are not home, sleeping or
    can’t supervise him directly.
  4. Get a couple of good nights sleep. You will need energy and patience.
  5. Clear your schedule, plan for enough time to spend some quality time with your pup and
    time to add his/her schedule to your daily routine.
  6. Read the PDF version of Before You Get Your Puppy and other article and videos I send
  7. Pick a veterinarian- We want you to take your new pup to your vet within 3 business days
    of picking him/her up. You pup will have been to our vet for an examination, his first
    puppy shot and microchip, BUT I want you to be a good consumer and have you puppy
    checked. You will need to establish a vaccination schedule and heartworm, flea/tick
    prevention program.
  8. Find baby sitter(s)for times that you are away, like work, shopping etc. Or if you don’t
    have a sitter, create your puppy proofed area with litter tray, crate and maybe an Xpen.
  9. Sign up for a puppy class. They should be ready for class 2-3 weeks after you get your
    pup. Talk to your friends, neighbors and veterinarian for suggestions on a local puppy
  10. Decide what food do you want to feed. Go on and find a dry puppy food to fit your budget or you can keep him/her on Royal Canin Medium Puppy. If you do switch, remember to switch foods gradually.

What to bring for puppy pick up:

  • Cashier’s check or cash, unfortunately we had an issue or two over the years.
  • A crate with newspaper- Puppy will ride best (less sway) behind the passenger seat.
  • Water container or bucket
  • Small collar and leash
  • Food bowl if traveling more that 6 hours.

We provide you with:

One sweet, healthy puppy that has been socialized and examined by our veterinarian, given his/her first puppy shot and microchipped.

  • Health record to take to your vet
  • A copy of our signed contract that also acts as a Bill of Sale.
  • AKC Registration and folder
  • Microchip registration information
  • AKC Health Insurance- Free for the first 30 days, once activated
  • A blanket that smells like mom and littermates.
  • A booklet -Puppy Fitness That Fits The Puppy
  • Gallon bag of puppy food – We feed Royal Canin Medium Puppy, but you can slowly
    transition them to another quality puppy food.
  • Forti Flora by Purina Vet, a super probiotic to add to their food the first week
  • Puppy Kong and kit