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Adopting a Border Collie Puppy from Shadewood Farm

What is the process for adopting a puppy from Shadewood Farm?

We want to give our border collie pups and their future family every opportunity for a successful and loving future. Please read through our process for adopting one of our border collie puppies here. We cover every step — from learning about our puppies all the way to puppy pickup!

Do I have to visit the farm before I get a puppy from you?

No, you can visit the farm when you pick up your puppy, BUT we will only hold a puppy for you with a deposit. We will need to speak to you, after your questionnaire has been accepted, to make sure we are both comfortable moving forward.

What is required for the deposit?

First, we need to accept your questionnaire and then, we need to talk and ask each other questions. If agreed upon, we will send you a deposit form by email. This deposit form will ask for your first and second pick. A $500 deposit, along with the form is required.

What is your puppy placement process?

We gather our questionnaires, deposit forms and notes from each family and compare the notes to the temperament testing evaluations and our puppy notes. In the order in which we received the deposits, we match puppies to their new families. Sometimes we will call and ask the families more questions. The temperament testing is done between the litter’s 7th and 7.5th week.

*We do not place puppies with families strictly on looks. While we do our best to accommodate each family, the pup’s temperament and energy level are far more important factors.

What if there is not a suitable puppy in the litter for me?

On very rare occasions, we will not have the right puppy for an approved family. We will offer the family two options: their deposit back or a move to the next litter. 

Not all breeders use temperament testing. Is it really necessary?

Some breeders may tell you they don’t need to use temperament testing. They already know their pups. We have used temperament testing for the last 20 years and I am still amazed at what I learn about our pups, even though we spend a lot of time with them and know them well.

Some breeders will tell you the testing isn’t accurate. The testing is accurate, if it is conducted by an experience and knowledgeable handler, who has never met the pups, in a location that is new to the pups.

*Temperament testing is not a guarantee, but it a useful tool to help place the right pup with the right family.

Do I have to take my puppy to puppy socialization class?

Yes, once your vet okays it. It’s very important to attend puppy class. You should ask your veterinarian and neighbors for suggestions. According to the AVSAB, more puppies die of euthanasia associated with lack socialization than die of contracting a disease from being socialized.  

Do you ship puppies?

Yes, occasionally we will ship a puppy with in the USA. The new owner will have to visit the farm and meet us at least once. Often people chose to talk on the phone and then fly in themselves to pick up their puppy. We have never had any difficulties shipping a pup and only use qualified companies, but this is always changing.

Do you sell puppies outside the USA?


What health clearances do you do?

All of our breeding dogs are free of hip dysplasia, evaluated and certified mostly by OFA. Some of our imported dogs maybe cleared by their country’s equivalent, like BVA for UK & Australia and FCI for Europe.  Most of our dogs have OFA evaluations on their elbows and shoulders as well. All of our breeding dogs are genetically clear and/or clear by parentage for CEA, CL, CH, TNS, IGS and MDR1.

We will continue to do additional testing as it becomes available.

Should I get two puppies as playmates?

No, absolutely not! Both you and your puppy deserve the opportunity to bond with each other. It will be extremely difficult for you to bond and train your puppy with their sibling demanding attention as well. Please wait at least 6 months between puppies.

Additionally, you want to think about having multiple elderly dogs at the same time. They can demand a lot of your time and finances. We do not sell more than one puppy at a time.

What is included in the purchase of a Shadewood border collie puppy?

Our puppies are all AKC registered, microchipped, examined by our veterinarian, up-to-date on their vaccinations and deworming.

The pups have been socialized, started on crate training, recall and attention exercises. Also, they come with a puppy package, which includes a puppy kong and treats, puppy food and blanket that has mom’s scent on it.

Adopt a Border Collie Puppy from Shadewood Farm

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