Our Future

Border Collie Breeding Plans

Thank you for your interest in our border collies. We have some very exciting litters planned for the Summer and Fall of 2021.
Brown border collie puppy

Chris & Graven

Summer 2021

Chris - Border Collie Girl


Bordercross Krystal Blue Ice Braemar

Graven - Border Collie Boy


Omegamtn Mudblood at Pchy Keen

We plan on breeding Chris using Graven’s frozen semen this summer. These pups would be ready for their new homes in the Fall. We hope to have black & white, red & white, blue merle and red merle border collie puppies from this match.

Gracie & Zane

Summer 2021

Gracie - Border Collie Girl


Avatar Bayshore’s Good Graces
Zare - Border Collie Boy


Kesuk Tikaani

Additionally, we plan on breeding Gracie using Zane’s  frozen semen this summer. We hope to have black & white, tri-color, and merle pups in their litter.
How we Raise our Border Collie Puppies

Interested in Adopting a Puppy?

If you are interested in acquiring a border collie puppy from us, please familiarize yourself with our steps to adopting a Shadewood puppy.

What People are Saying About our Dogs…

“We always brag about your dogs and the amazing amount of love you guys put into them.”

Chris Martin

“We have never purchased a pup from someone who was so well organized and knowledgeable about their breed.”

Julie Ross


American Border Collie Association
Bred with Heart
AVIDOG Associate
American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit
Association of Professional Dog Trainers
The Livestock Conservancy