The AKC Breeder of Merit program is designed to recognize exceptional breeders – those who display an above-average devotion to their breed of choice, commitment to AKC standards and the AKC community in general, and a dedication to promoting purebred dogs. AKC breeders of dogs that exemplify the standards for the breed in terms of ability, temperament, and appearance who meet certain criteria are eligible to become Breeders of Merit.

The Requirements for the AKC Breeder of Merit Program

In order to become an AKC breeder of merit, breeders must have been involved with AKC events for five years at a minimum, be a member of an AKC club, and have earned Companion, Performance or Conformation titles on no fewer than four dogs from AKC litters that they either bred or co-bred. Note that the Community Canine or Canine Good Citizen title is not eligible.

Candidates must also certify that any applicable health screening mandated by the Parent Club is performed on their breeding animals, and must commit to registering 100% of their puppies with the AKC.