How We Raise our Border Collie Pups

Our pups are all whelped in our home.  They are with our family, friends and other pets from the very beginning. We go to great lengths so that our pups are properly socialized and are raised in a safe, stimulating environment. Check out our videos from some our previous litters below.

A Good Litter takes Planning…

Long before we have border collie puppies for sale, we plan our breeding carefully and sometimes years in advance. Dams and Sires are studied and researched to insure we start and continue with quality, healthy lines. Often the litter is sold or partially sold prior to the breeding. If we have mutually agreed that a Shadewood border collie puppy or dog would suit you and your family, a deposit and completed deposit form will hold your place in line. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferences, but we must place the pups based on their personality, drive, energy level and future purpose. We want everyone to be happy with their family member.

How we raise our pups….

We take the raising of our pups very seriously. We want to give the pups and their future family every opportunity for a successful and loving future.

Early Scent IntroductionAll our pups are born in the house. This allows me to oversee and assist the mother if necessary and handle the pups from their birth. From day 3 to 16 we apply Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction, in addition to the daily love and attention.

  • For more information on Early Neurological Stimulation, check out this article.
  • For more information on Early Scent Introduction, look here.

Once the border collie puppies are up and walking they spend warm sunny days at various locations on our farm so they can be safely exposed to different stimulus and environments. They are closely watched and evaluated as they develop their individual personality and pack social skills. Our pups are heavily socialized by our boarding kennel customers, friends, children and family.

At 7 weeks of age, our pups are evaluated by a certified canine behaviorist. We incorporate this testing with our observations to determine the type of home best suited for the puppy. Our test is very similar to Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test or PAT.

Routine preventive medical care is administered. We de-worm at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks of age. Our Vet performs a health check, vaccinates and microchips before the pup goes to their new family.

We start our pups on clicker training at 5 weeks of age. We find it is invaluable for new puppy parents to make a quick connection with their pups. We also start crate training and recall training at this time. We want to give our new puppy parents every opportunity for success with their new pups.

Our new puppy families are sent home with our ‘Good Start Puppy Pac’ filled with information, helpful tips, litter blanket, puppy food and other goodies to get you and your new puppy off to a good start.

Here are some Border Collie Puppies from our past litters

If you are interested in one of our border collie pups, please fill out our puppy questionnaire here.